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When we decided to move over to our weekend home in Waveland, we knew that we needed some major changes to the existing house to make it comfortable year-round.

I asked a local building supply company owner who he would recommend to do this work for us, who paid his bills, who would we be able to count on to complete the job. His response was given straight away – David Rush. This was 8 years ago and we not only used David this first time, but he did two other additions to our pre-Katrina home.

After Katrina, because of our previous excellent experience, there was no doubt that David would be our contractor to build our new home.

One of David’s greatest assets is that he is an excellent communicator. David is a "can do” person. If there is a particular challenge, he gives the issue great thought before proceeding and actually gets “his hands dirty” completing the task. David has a good relationship with his workers as well as with the sub-contractors. He is someone who has the respect of the local building officials, and they trust David to do the work according to the local building codes. We have given David’s name to several of our friends and they have had nothing but good experiences using him for their home building and renovation projects.